Living Room - Berlin Art Project

Living Room – A chandelier, a weathered chair, delicate paper collages and bombarded work on canvas transform the exhibition space into a domestic interior, a room bearing the traces of life. Who lives here and what does the furniture have say about it’s residents?

The centerpiece of the exhibition is a glittering chandelier, and elaborate light that we might know from our own living rooms. What makes this sculpture special is its material: sugar, 500 hand – crafted sugar crystals carefully arranged by the artist. In titling it “ Sweet little lies”, Backman gives the viewer some indication of the meaning behind it. There is fragility and vulnerability in every beauty. How do we live or how do we want to live? To what values do we follow? the work raises questions as to what degree Backman`s work is a search for clues at all, it asks questions rather than provide answers and gives us models to live by.

A wooden chair, positioned in the middle of the room, is an invitation to visitors to linger, to stay and sit for a while. The chair, including it’s Title “ Help me, I’m God” is a found artifact from the streets of Berlin. The transformation of existing materials into a work of artist alludes to issues of identity and multiculturalism and point to some of the artist’s centrals concerns.

“ He loves me, he loves me not” – a marguerite shot with a shotgun – the title of the work is as at the same time her description: Backman had the canvas and therefore also the flower petals shot trough with a gun, hinting at the ambivalence between beauty and fragility, not only within the piece but also in our own lives. Completing the exhibition concept is a selection of paper collages: In From “ crisis to creativity” or How much joy can you stand?, the artist reflects on beauty and transience, hopes and fears as well as technical progress and the environmental movement of our times. Ever present are art – historical references, such as that to the notion of vanities, for instance.

Backman, who works in the margin between stage design, installation and performance, confronts the viewer with the problem of mankind. Her work asks about life concepts, identities and values. With Living Room, she presents a poetic and aesthetic body of artworks accessible to every viewer.